Want a Z900RS? How About A Kawasaki Coffee Set Instead?

1 year, 5 months ago - 6 September 2022, rideapart
Want a Z900RS? How About A Kawasaki Coffee Set Instead?
Kawasaki will giveaway a branded coffee mill and cooker set to 30 lucky applicants in its “Outdoor Coffee Set Gift Campaign.”

You can’t have cafe racers without coffee, right? It’s also safe to assume that many cafe racers were built on the back of caffeinated craftsmen too, right? Or is that reaching a little too deep into the cultural cookie jar? Either way, you can’t take away “cafe” from “cafe racer,” and it’s likely that Kawasaki made that connection with its new initiative, the “Outdoor Coffee Set Gift Campaign.”

Now, the set that Kawasaki Motors Japan is presenting isn’t something that you can plainly buy from their dealerships and stores, instead, the brand will be running a giveaway for up to 30 lucky applicants, and the coffee set will have Kawasaki branding applied on to cement its special-ness.

The coffee set will be composed of three-part, the coffee mill, and the two-part coffee cooker set. The set is made out of stainless steel and is made by Belmont. Either the grinder or the cooker can be stored in its own individual pouches and it’s lightweight enough to fit inside a backpack, top case, or saddlebag. It’s specifically made for mountaineering and camping, so it’s a home away from home.

An impressive element of the mill is its ceramic blade that doesn’t leave a metallic smell and taste in the coffee grounds and creates less friction that can affect the taste of the coffee. You can also adjust the coarseness of the grounds, perfect for coffee lovers.

The campaign period will last from September 2 to November 14, 2022. Again, only 30 lucky winners will be chosen from all the applicants. Check out our source list down below to see the site for the campaign. Unfortunately Kawi fans outside of The Land of the Rising Sun, only Japanese residents will be qualified for the campaign. Still, it’s nice to see something as quirky as a coffee grinder and cooker being given away and it's nice to see that the Z900RS is there as Kawi's literal poster child for the campaign. 

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