Reconditioned 1977 BMW R100S Is Numbers-Matching Goodness Dialed to Eleven

2 years, 2 months ago - 15 March 2022, autoevolution
1977 BMW R100S
1977 BMW R100S
The list of invigorating modifications is rather extensive, covering just about everything from the motorcycle’s engine to its running gear.

In the following paragraphs, we’re going to be inspecting a well-preserved 1977 BMW R100S that’s waiting to change hands at this very moment. Recently, Motorrad’s classic stunner saw its side panels wrapped in a fresh coat of black paint, but the more serious restoration work occurred under previous ownership.

Back in 2003, the bike’s twin-cylinder engine was rebuilt using new piston rings and modern ignition hardware from Dynatek. The clutch mechanism has also been replaced the following year, and the front brake was blessed with premium discs and lines as of 2005. Although the Beemer’s leading-axle forks were left untouched during the overhaul, the same can’t be said for its rear suspension setup.

Gone are the outdated factory shock absorbers, making way for a youthful pair of higher-spec alternatives developed by Ikon. Finally, we arrive at the specimen’s cockpit, where you’ll find refurbished instrumentation, aftermarket bar-end mirrors, and a set of foam grips that appear to have seen better days.

The Bavarian artifact is put in motion by a numbers-matching 980cc boxer-twin powerplant, with two valves per cylinder head, dual Bing carburetors, and a compression ratio of 9.5:1. When the tachometer reads 7,000 rpm, the air-cooled mill is capable of generating up to 70 ponies at the crankshaft.

In addition, a peak torque output of 56 pound-feet (76 Nm) will be delivered at approximately 6,000 revs. The engine’s oomph is transmitted to the shaft-driven rear wheel through a five-speed gearbox, leading to a respectable top speed of 124 mph (200 kph). BMW’s gem weighs 485 pounds (220 kg) wet, and its fuel capacity is measured at 6.3 gallons (24 liters).

Right, it’s time to cut to the chase. This enchanting ‘77 MY R100S is heading to the auction block on Bring A Trailer, where it will be listed at no reserve until Wednesday, March 16. If you’re lucky, then you might be able to get your hands on Bavaria’s antique phenom for around six grand, as the current bid is placed at a mere 5,100 freedom bucks!

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