BMW Unveils Extensively Equipped R 1250 GS Ultimate Edition In Italy

1 year, 1 month ago - 27 April 2023, rideapart
BMW R 1250 GS Ultimate Edition
BMW R 1250 GS Ultimate Edition
Only 2,100 of these bikes will be made.

On April 21, 2023, BMW Motorrad officially introduced the R 1250 GS Ultimate Edition in Italy. Adorned in BMW’s Triple Black colorway, the phrase “Ultimate Edition” seems an apt description given how many features and accessories packages the Motorrad has thrown at this machine. A total of six different BMW packages, as well as multiple additional upgrades have been applied to this bike. Just 2,100 units will be assembled and sold worldwide, so let’s take a look at what’s included. 

Existing packages applied to the R 1250 GS Ultimate Edition include the Shadow I and II aesthetic packages, which bestow a series of machined billet aluminum parts in exclusive Option 719 finishes. That’s just the surface-level, though. Dig in, and you’ll find both functional and aesthetically pleasing choices made throughout. 

For performance enhancement, BMW applied the Dynamic package to the R 1250 GS Ultimate Edition, which adds BMW’s semi-active suspension, Dynamic Electronic Suspension Adjustment (or D-ESA, for short). It also adds Pro riding modes to the menu, as well as shift assist.  

If you’re planning on touring with your R 1250 GS Ultimate Edition, you’ll particularly appreciate the inclusion of BMW’s Touring package, which adds cruise control, navigation, hand guards, and bag supports for your luggage. The Comfort package further ups the touring ante with keyless ride, heated hand grips, and a chrome exhaust system. The BMW Lights Package ensures that your visibility on the R 1250 GS Ultimate Edition will be top notch in just about any condition.  

Beyond those packages, BMW also includes a dark tinted windshield, black crash bars, black cross-spoked wheels, additional LED lighting, a titanium Akrapovič exhaust canister with a carbon end cap, and of course special Ultimate Edition badges to make it clear how special this bike is. Additionally, owners who order an Ultimate Edition can request bag supports made for either BMW’s Vario side cases or its aluminum cases, which aren’t included. 

That’s an awful lot of accessorizing, so what’s the MSRP on the BMW R 1250 GS Ultimate Edition? The recommended price is €26,900, which works out to about $29,646 as of April 24, 2023. While it’s certainly not pocket change, this price does represent over €2,000 (or over $2,205) in savings over purchasing all the equipped accessories and packages independently.  

“Ultimate means Definitive and that's what inspired the design of this bike. The Triple Black style brings out the strong character and sporting qualities of the BMW R 1250 GS. The Shadow I and Shadow II aesthetic packages make the combination of the bike and accessories even more precious. The hand-crafted components in anodized aluminum reveal a passion for detail and create exclusive value. The Option 719 branding underlines the appeal and quality of the bike. The Ultimate Edition is the bike for everyone who wants to own an exclusive piece of BMW Motorrad history,” offered BMW Motorrad Italy’s general manager, Alessandro Salimbreni, in a statement.

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