A Rare Look At The Truly Unique Ferrari Rossa By Pininfarina

4 years ago - 20 November 2018, motor1
A Rare Look At The Truly Unique Ferrari Rossa By Pininfarina
Think of it as the Monza SP2 of the 2000s, but more exclusive since only one exists.

There have been a lot of special Ferraris throughout the years, some more interesting than others, but basically all extremely valuable among collectors. The one-of-one Rossa wasn't entirely built by Ferrari  as it started out in life as a 550 Maranello before Pininfarina worked its magic to turn it into a retro-flavored speedster.

Created to celebrate the design house's 70th anniversary, the Rossa is technically a concept car and as such, it can't be legally driven on public roads, but bear in mind it's entirely functional. According to YouTube sensation Supercar Blondie, Pininfarina kept the car up until 2007 and then eventually sold it and now it's in a private collection among other amazing prancing horses, including the legendary F40.

Pininfarina not only changed the shape and styling of the 550 Maranello, but it also modified the interior to harken back to the old days. We're not particularly fond of the screen mounted on the center console, but perhaps we're just nitpicking. Like the donor car, the one-off Rossa has kept the lovely gated shifter of the manual gearbox while replacing the dials and steering wheels with something a bit more retro.

Putting a price tag on a one-of-a-kind Ferrari is not easy, especially since we haven't seen the Rossa hitting the auction block. The styling might not be for everyone, although there's no doubt it's an interesting concept.

As you may recall, the folks from Maranello launched earlier this year a special car similar in philosophy with Pininfarina's Rossa, the Monza SP2 speedster set to go into limited production. Together with the single-seater Monza SP1, these two are part of a new Icona series, so you can rest assured there are going to be more prancing horses that'll look back at the company's illustrious past.

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