Discover What It Took To Make The Aston Martin Vulcan Road Legal

6 years, 5 months ago - 28 December 2017, motor1
Discover What It Took To Make The Aston Martin Vulcan Road Legal
With the Vulcan being developed as a pure race car, it goes without saying a lot of work was put into making it street legal.

Just 24 Vulcans were built by Aston Martin, but only one of them can be legally driven on public roads. Converted for street use by RML Group with full support from Gaydon, the one and only street-legal Vulcan had to undergo a wide array of changes in order to be registered for road use. Obvious modificataions include a pair of headlights and DB11-sourced side mirrors, but these are only scratching the surface.

Additional modifications worth mentioning would have to be the taillight covers, Michelin tires, windscreen wiper (with washer), and even central locking. RML Group also made some tweaks to the front splitter, which is now shorter than before to make it road legal. Even the hood had to be modified, while at the back there are the compulsory lights and license plate.

Stepping inside the very tight cabin, the race car's sharp edges have been covered for safety concerns, hence why the steering wheel now boasts extra padding. RML Group modified both seats to boost visibility, though it's still not that great considering the Vulcan doesn't have a rear window.

Then there are the changes you can't actually see, such as the fact that the naturally aspirated V12 engine had to be remapped to comply with the laws regarding emissions, which also required installing a new exhaust. The engineers also had to fiddle with the cooling and changed the clutch as well as the gear ratios to make the Vulcan easier to live with on a daily basis. A softer suspension set was also required to enable a more comfortable ride, while a very handy suspension lift system has been installed as well.

At the end of the day, the Aston Martin Vulcan is still a thoroughbred race car, but now the owner can drive it back home from the circuit. Should he change its mind further down the line, the V12 monster can switch back to its original track-only specification.

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