Italy Puts The Pininfarina Modulo On A Stamp

3 years, 8 months ago - 12 October 2020, motor1
Italy Puts The Pininfarina Modulo On A Stamp
In celebration of the Italian firm's 90th year of foundation.

The Pininfarina Modulo is one futuristic concept coming from the Italian design firm and coachbuilder, introduced at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show. Built atop the a Ferrari 512S chassis, the Modulo was an experimental prototype that deviates from the traditional styling at that time. 

With that said, the Modulo won 22 international design awards, including the prestigious "Award For Design Excellence" from "Automobile Quarterly" for the "pure formal research in its intentional geometricity."

With that said, the Modulo truly represented what Pininfarina could do. In celebration of the company's 90th year of foundation, Italy's Ministry of Economic Development issues a new stamp in the thematic series "The Excellences of the productive and economic system." It features the Modulo on a white background and will have a print-run of 400,000 copies. Each stamp costs 1.10 euros or around $1.29 at the current exchange rates.

The awarding ceremony took place at Pininfarina's Cambiano headquarters in Turin, Italy. The stamps are now available at the philatelic counter of the city's post office.

"Automotive design meets the fascinating world of philately and gives life to a miniature work of art", said Chairman Paolo Pininfarina. "This further recognition is a wonderful gift for our anniversary. It is proof that, after 90 years, we continue to live in the collective imagination as a symbol of Italian style, that combination of elegance and innovation the rest of the world identifies with our country."

The stamp also shows the Pininfarina 90 logo to commemorate the occasion. Pininfarina CEO Silvio Angori said that the Modulo's futuristic design is an embodiment of Pininfarina's mission, which is always to "anticipate tomorrow on the basis of our dreams and to interpret technology in an emotional way."

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