Ex-Mafia Ferrari 458 Spider Is Now A Police Car

6 years, 1 month ago - 19 June 2018, motor1
Ex-Mafia Ferrari 458 Spider Is Now A Police Car
A prime example that crime doesn’t pay.

If you're driving through Milan, Italy at night and see police illuminate behind you, you're likely not being pulled over by this Ferrari 458 Spider once owned by a member of the Mafia. While the city's police do own the Ferrari, it's not using it to chase down bad guys. On the contrary, actually. Police are using the 458 Spider, dressed in green police livery to educate children about how crime just doesn't pay.

The government confiscated the Ferrari through the country's anti-Mafia laws. It sounds similar to civil asset forfeiture in the United States, but in Italy, it sounds like you need to be convicted of an actual crime. The government then gave the Ferrari to the City of Milan Police.

The police department made very few modifications to turn the otherwise civilian Ferrari into a police car. The car, originally white, had a green police livery added. Police lights were added behind the cabin, which rides on modified buttresses. Lights were also added in the hood gap by the front headlights. Inside, modifications are even more minimal, with just a police radio and buttons for the lights and sirens added. Obviously, there is no place to transport criminals.

The Milan Police  Department does not plan to keep the Ferrari forever, pulling it around to educational events. Eventually, the department will auction off the 458 Spider with proceeds going to victims of Mafia crimes, which sounds like a great cause.

Supercar becoming police cars is nothing new. Sometimes, police confiscate the vehicle from a criminal and other times police departments are gifted the car from an automaker. For example, Lamborghini gifted a Huracán – a second offering from the company – to an Italian police department. Either way, these super police cars are not ones you'd want to try and elude.

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