When was the Last Time You Hit 40 Knots in Any Vessel, Let Alone a Sloop?

3 years, 8 months ago - 25 August 2020, autoevolution
When was the Last Time You Hit 40 Knots in Any Vessel, Let Alone a Sloop?
With a myriad of races won world-wide, the Leopard 3 is one of the fastest sloops around. But that’s not all. She can be charted for a number of events, including corporate sailing and racing events, or if you just want a taste of the pirate life.

If you understood the title properly, then you'd know what this piece is all about. In case you missed the point, it's going to be all about a luxury sailing sloop that can hit an amazing 40 knots while under sail. The last time we ever mentioned anything going about 40+ knots, was when the SS18 was introduced. But that was all-out engine power. This is pure ingenuity and design.

Dubbed the Leopard III, she combines racing culture, luxury, and sailing all in one neat package. Designed by Farr Yacht design but built by McConaghy Boats, the Leopard also includes an interior by Design Unlimited. If you've never seen or heard of Unlimited but are into sloops and yachts, then I can safely say you aren't really into sloops and yachts. The interior and exterior designs they push out are just pure luxury.

Now the Leopard has a total length of 108 ft. (33 m) with a monohull carbon fiber structure and a 154 ft (47 m) mast. With that, she has a keel cant of 40 degrees on either side of the centerline.

A top speed of 12 knots is possible under a diesel engine, but that's just in case of emergencies or during a lack of wind. The engine is a 230hp Yanmar diesel, which can keep her cruising at 10.5 knots.But this isn't her forte. That would have to be speed and luxury. Let's talk about speed for a moment. As I mentioned earlier, she can hit speeds of 40+ knots due to the lightweight hull design and huge mast. It's this level of speed that has allowed the Leopard to win races world-wide since her birth.

The next item on the list is the interior design. I did promise that the crew at Design Unlimited do one hell of a job on yachts. Her design is simple. It's elegant. And offers comfort matching that of home.

From the deck, we are led down a flight of stairs that allow entry into the hull and living quarters. She has seen a recent re-fitting and can now accommodate up to eight guests and six crew. We can see that wood was the main material chosen for the interior design. Bedroom cabinetry and bed framing is also composed of wood.

The kitchen, however, does lack in wood furnishings. Here we can find stainless steel components such as the sink, refrigerator and composite countertops. Plenty of cabinetry and storage space is available for all utensils that may be needed.

The suites are equipped with double bedding and en-suite restrooms. Sure, it may not have the space of a super yacht, but then again, she's not meant for cruising. She's built for speed. Here's the fun bit. In case someone charters her for a race or something of the sort, her interior is completely removeable. Everything can go.

She was recently put up for sale in 2019 and found a buyer right from the start at $3.5 million or 2.95 million Euro.

Now try and remember that these types of yachts are usually designed not only as a toy, but also as a business. With that said, the Leopard III is available for charter, corporate events, and racing cups. Last we checked a 1-week charter was around $50k.

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