Luxury Yacht Builder Launches a Premium Open Adventure Boat for Family Offshore Fun

1 month, 2 weeks ago - 9 January 2024, autoevolution
Luxury Yacht Builder Launches a Premium Open Adventure Boat for Family Offshore Fun
Even the most luxurious superyachts are just fancy motherships, but the real fun begins once the tenders and water toys are launched. Those who want to explore remote destinations and take offshore adventures to the next level need an ultra-luxurious, high-performance RIB like the brand-new Arksen 8.

If you never considered RIBs to be particularly exciting, you need to take a look at the fresh Arksen 8 that's been recently launched by Arksen. This UK-based company started as a yacht builder and then branched out to on-ground expedition vehicles and an outdoor equipment range. This year, it's taking the next step by launching the Discovery Series, a fleet of premium RIBs, or open adventure boats, ranging in size from six to 12 meters (19.6 to 39 feet).

Arksen 8 is the first in this high-end series, and it's enough to get everyone excited about what's coming next. Officially an adventure boat with offshore capabilities, the Arksen 8 combines generous seating and an ultra-modern layout with top-notch prowess and the latest technology.

It was designed to lead two whole families or a large group of friends on an adrenaline-filled journey. It can seat 12 passengers, and its smart layout exudes luxurious comfort. The large cabin features a premium dashboard, comfortable suspension pilot seats, and an optional hardtop with an electrical-opening roof that can adapt to any kind of weather.

The bow can comfortably seat up to five passengers. Towards the center, they have access to a modern wet bar and a BBQ unit, while the spacious dining area is located aft. The console is spacious enough to include a bathroom with an electrical toilet, a discrete changing area, and ample storage space.

Performance-wise, this luxurious RIB comes with a 425-liter (112-gallon) fuel tank that allows it to cover more than 350 nautical miles (648 km). Keep in mind that Arksen is a luxury yacht builder as well, so it knows a thing or two about hydrodynamic design and optimizing it for stability and performance. Folks who want even more adrenaline can opt for one or two engines of up to 500 HP, increasing both power and range.

Luxury also means state-of-the-art technology. Far from a simple RIB, the Arksen 8 features GPS technology, marine radios, and depth sounders. All of this is meant for a premium exploring experience. Optional extras can enhance the entertainment aspect of offshore adventures – customers can add a premium sound system and swim platforms for even more fun.

The Arksen 8 can also be configured as a specialized tender for explorer yachts, matching the high quality and performance of Arksen explorer yachts. The special Explorer Tender Configuration will only be produced to order. Meanwhile, the standard Arksen 8 is already available for pre-order, and we can look forward to the other exciting luxury RIBs in the new Discovery Series. 

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