Watch Tesla Semi Drive Down The Highway At 112-Plus km/h

6 years, 3 months ago - 6 March 2018, InsideEVs
Watch Tesla Semi Drive Down The Highway At 112-Plus km/h
Check out the Tesla Semi as it drives down the expressway. This is the first time we’ve witnessed the electric Semi cruise along at speed.

The video suffers from that dreaded vertical syndrome, but at least we get a peek at the Semi moving at speed, rather than just burning rubber from a stop or on slow-moving side streets.

This sighting was on a highway (I 80) leading from Tesla's  Fremont factory to the Gigafactory. The video uploader notes that he was driving 72 MPH and the Semi blew by him with ease.

Key Tesla Semi specs:

  • Acceleration 0-60 mph with 80K lbs load – 20 sec
  • Speed up a 5% Grade – 65 mph
  • Mile Range – 300 or 500 miles
  • Powertrain – 4 Independent Motors on Rear Axles
  • Energy Consumption – Less than 2 kWh / mile
  • Fuel Savings – $200,000+
  • Expected Base Price (300 mile range) – $150,000
  • Expected Base Price (500 mile range) – $180,000
  • Base Reservation – $20,000
  • Expected Founders Series Price – $200,000
  • Founders Series Reservation – $200,000

* Prices displayed in USD. International pricing will vary.
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