Is This Tesla's New All-Electric Semi-Truck?

5 years, 8 months ago - 5 October 2017, Autoblog
Is This Tesla's New All-Electric Semi-Truck?
No front grille. No side mirrors. No engine.

Not long ago we learned that Tesla will debut its highly anticipated all-electric semi-truck on October 26. Although that's only a few weeks away, Electrek has shared a spy photo showing what appears to be a Tesla semi-truck undergoing testing in an undisclosed place in California. The source claims this is where Tesla typically tests its vehicles. As usual, Tesla hasn't commented on the photo, but it does bear a striking resemblance to the previously released teaser.

Despite not being marked with a Tesla logo or any other branding, it's very clear that the headlights and front fenders match what we saw in the teaser image. Because of the way the windshield is angled and how it leads directly into the (grille-less) front bumper, there doesn't appear to be an engine. It's a little odd Tesla chose not to wrap this prototype in camouflage, which is typically done by mainstream automakers when they test their new vehicles. Then again, Tesla isn't a mainstream automaker; it makes its own rules. So yes, more than likely this is the Tesla semi-truck complete with an all-electric powertrain.

Side mirrors are absent as well, which could also indicate the truck's eventual fully autonomous capabilities. We could continue speculating but there's really no need because Tesla will provide answers in the very near future.

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