Volvo Sneakily Updates Their Logo, Takes The 'Minimalist' Route

2 years, 9 months ago - 27 September 2021, motor1
Volvo Sneakily Updates Their Logo, Takes The 'Minimalist' Route
Because almost everyone has taken the minimalist route

When a car company unveils a new logo, it's a very big deal indeed. After all, the logo represents an automaker's image, feel, and identity. Announcements like these are typically accompanied by lengthy press releases explaining the reason for the change. Just take a look at Volkswagen and BMW. However, Volvo doesn't want to be like a typical car company when it comes to these things.

 Earlier this week, Volvo redesigned their logo and quietly released it to the public. Of course, there was enough of a change for everyone to notice it. Besides, the Swedish automaker switched to the new look across all their social media platforms from Facebook to Instagram.

As mentioned, Volvo didn't come up with any press materials or any of the sort to explain the change. However, it is worth noting that they went for the minimalist or "flat" route, much like other recent logo changes. The trend kicked off with Volkswagen back in 2019, followed by other manufacturers such as Mini, Audi, Nissan, and Toyota.

The new logo has all the elements blacked out, and the overall look is slimmer. Of course, the circle and the arrow are still present. We are likely to see this new logo on press and corporate materials. It remains to be seen if Volvo will apply it to their vehicles as well.

The new 2D design is Volvo's seventh logo in the company's 97-year history. The most recent change was made in 2016 with all the marque's current models wearing that badge. Prior to that, the company primarily stuck with the blue and silver theme and ran with it for decades. Interestingly, the redesigned logo is a bit of a nod to the ones from the late '50s.

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