Tuner Builds Beefy Toyota Land Cruiser For Tough Off-Road Adventures

2 years, 3 months ago - 30 December 2021, motor1
Tuner Builds Beefy Toyota Land Cruiser For Tough Off-Road Adventures
There's a big brush bar, lots of skid plates, and upgraded suspension components

TJM is an Australian company that sells lots of off-road gear for trucks and SUVs. It is now showing an upcoming suite of parts for the new Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series that makes the already rugged rig even more capable off-road.

The offerings include a chunky, steel brush bar that protects the front bumper and headlights. TJM notes that the design doesn't affect airflow to the engine or intercoolers and is compatible with the Land Cruiser's external sensors. It also has LED fog lights with built-in turn signals. In these photos, there are big spotlights that attach to the center section.

For extra body protection, TJM offers a piece that attaches to the brush bar and protects the front fender. It also connects to the side steps.

The exterior modifications also include a snorkel on the A-pillar for better breathing in dusty conditions or while fording streams.

One of the dangers when off-roading is bashing the vital underbody components against rocks or other hazards. TJM has a full suite of skid plates that can guard these pieces against being damaged.

The company has upgraded suspension components, too. The pieces include twin-tube shock absorbers with Multi-Stage Velocity-Controlled Valving. There are also upgraded upper control arms available. The Land Cruiser in these shots has a 1.97-inch (50-millimeter) lift.

TJM uses this Land Cruiser 300 to show off some additional accessories. The SUV has a roof rack with LED light bars at the front. A shovel and recovery boards are on top. There is also what appears to be an extendable awning along one side.

TJM plans to start offering these parts in 2022. Pricing for them isn't available yet, but the company's site has a form where people can register their interest in the components.

The Land Cruiser Series 300 is still a new entry into the market. Expect to see the aftermarket support grow for the SUV as they become more widely available.

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