2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Proves Its Worth Tackling Off-Road Obstacles

2 years, 8 months ago - 18 August 2021, motor1
2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Proves Its Worth Tackling Off-Road Obstacles
Wading through deep waters is a piece of cake for the LC300, and so is jumping from a ramp.

In case you've missed the memo, Toyota has set up a dedicated channel on YouTube for all things Land Cruiser 300 Series. Sadly, it's only available in Japanese, but nevertheless, the content is worth sharing as we get to see the reputable SUV proving its worth in a variety of grueling off-road tests. The new platform helps the LC become more nimble off the beaten path, while the added tech improves upon an already competent off-roader.

While jumping off a ramp and playing in the sand are not conclusive of the Land Cruiser's capabilities, a third video shows the range-topping GR Sport tackling some grueling terrain. The Gazoo Racing-badged variant is the one to get if you want the most off-road toys as it's the only one to feature Toyota's electronically controlled kinetic dynamic suspension stabilization (E-KDSS) system. It also gets front and rear electronic differential locks and an upgraded adaptive variable suspension.

Wading through deep waters and climbing rocks looks effortless behind the wheel of the new Land Cruiser, and it's refreshing to see a ladder-frame vehicle hard at work in a sea of on-road-focused unibody SUVs. Much like the Mercedes G-Class remains as competent as ever while packing a lot more luxury, refinement, and tech, Toyota's LC also throws in a heavy dose of sophistication without altering the formula that made it so successful.

We'll remind you the new Land Cruiser has lost a whopping 441 pounds (200 kilograms) over its predecessor while benefiting from a 20-percent boost in frame rigidity and a lower center of gravity. There are no fewer than six driving modes to choose from: Auto, Dirt, Sand, Rock, Mud, and Deep Snow, while the Multi-Terrain Monitor packs four cameras showing everything that's happening around the vehicle.

Aside from launching the LC300, Toyota will also be updating the LC70 in 2022 with extra safety features while restarting production of some parts for the LC40, including engines, drivelines, and exhausts. At the same time, luxury division Lexus is likely putting the finishing touches on its all-new LX molded after the latest Land Cruiser and expected to break cover by the end of the year or early 2022.

Meanwhile, the LC300 is off to a great start as Toyota is unable to keep up with the strong demand from early adopters. Reports from Japan state there's already a 12-month waiting list, even though the SUV has yet to be launched in all markets. It's not coming to the United States and it will likely be a rare sight in Europe as well.

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