Smart Forease Tiny Speedster Concept Arrives In Paris

4 years, 2 months ago - 4 October 2018, motor1
Smart Forease Tiny Speedster Concept Arrives In Paris
The pint-sized EV takes after the 2001 Crossblade and the 2011 Forspeed concepts.

Daimler's tiny car division is in a festive mood as it will be blowing the twentieth candle on Smart's birthday cake next week at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. The automaker's gift to itself is a new concept that goes by the name of Forease and looks into the future while creating a link to the past. Fully electric, the latest Smart adopts the openness and minimalistic style seen on previous cars such as the 2001 Crossblade and the 2011 Forspeed.

With a shorter-than-usual windscreen and lacking a roof, the Forease might just be the smallest speedster out there, and dare we say it looks rather adorable. As with all other Smart models out there, the concept has been developed primarily for city use and has a few aces up its sleeve compared to the regular ForTwo. For example, the nifty door handles are recessed in the door, while the central air vents inside the cabin have been replaced by two screens.

Taking into account the concept is based on the regular production Smart  EQ ForTwo Cabrio, it means it's fully drivable and adopts an entirely electric powertrain. Speaking of which, Smart is already an EV-only brand in United States, Canada, and Norway, with Europe to follow in 2020 and the rest of the world shortly thereafter.

Dressed in metallic white with contrasting "stream green" accents, the Forease boasts two domes behind the seats to boost safety for the driver and the passenger. Inside, the sound speakers are neatly integrated into the rear wall to make the concept a bit more special than a regular Smart.

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