BMW i1 EV rumored, based on electric Mini

6 years ago - 15 April 2018, Autoblog
BMW i1 EV rumored, based on electric Mini
Smaller electric hatchback would replace i3 in 2023

With just two BMW i cars currently available — and aging — we've been hankering to know what new EVs are coming down the pipeline for the Bavarian automaker. We've had news of the iNext and i4, caught wind of an iX3, and as BMW is in the early stages of a large electrification push, there has been a multitude of "i"-prefaced trademarks registered. The next we can expect, if the rumors from Spanish outlet are to be believed, will be a diminutive i1 EV, based on the same platform as an upcoming electric Mini Cooper.

As such, it would share the electric Mini's front-drive/front-motor configuration — previewed on the Mini Electric Concept, shown above, that debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year.

It stands to reason that the i1 would be smaller than the high-roofed i3, possibly borrowing the five-door hatchback format from the 1 Series sold in Europe (which would be a long-awaited dream come true if it made its way to the United States). The electric car would be about a foot shorter than the 1 series, though, according to the report, at about 158 inches long. It would be built on an electric version of BMW modular UKL platform.

Keep in mind, the BMW i1 is just a rumor at this point, with keeping its sources unnamed. If true, though, it could replace the i3 in BMW's lineup five years from now, in 2023.

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