Renault's Mobilize Debuts Tiny Solo EV With Single Seat And Joystick

1 year, 9 months ago - 10 October 2022, motor1
Renault's Mobilize Debuts Tiny Solo EV With Single Seat And Joystick
The concept is designed for the urban jungle.

Announced early last year, Mobilize is the fourth Renault Group brand and has been conceived to provide car-sharing services. In other words, you can't actually buy the vehicles since they're available only through a subscription plan. Naturally, the mobility company is all about EVs and will have a premiere on display later this month at the 2022 Paris Motor Show to follow the much larger Limo sedan from 2021.

It's a pint-sized electric car that measures just 1.37 meters (54 inches) long. As its name implies, it takes the shape of a single-seater and has only three wheels: two driven front ones and a single rear wheel that takes care of the steering. It can be driven from a joystick without a license, and you don't even have to wear a seatbelt or a helmet. Top speed? A mighty 16 mph (25 km/h).

The diminutive EV has a wraparound asymmetrical body and comes fitted with an airbag along with a foot-operated emergency button. Once pressed, the vehicle comes to a halt in case of an emergency. The Mobilize Solo has a reclining seat that tilts forward to enable a greater cargo area while the entire body and interior are washable.

The driver hops into the car always from the left side and won't have any issues in the urban jungle considering it is only 0.9 meters (35 inches) wide and 1.75 meters (69 inches) tall. Because it's so small, six of them can fit in a regular parking spot. The Solo can juice up its battery through a wired connection or wirelessly. Alternatively, the pack can be swapped out for a fresh battery.

Mobilize has built the Solo with 50 percent recycled materials and mentions the vehicle is 95 percent recyclable at the end of its life cycle.

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