Renault unveils new Kangoo ZE and Master ZE electric commercial vehicles

7 years, 2 months ago - 20 January 2017, Autoblog
Renault unveils new Kangoo ZE and Master ZE electric commercial vehicles
As European businesses work to improve their environmental footprint (and their bottom line), more and more are turning to electrified versions of commercial vehicles.

As a leader in electric mobility in Europe, Renault has offered zero-emissions vehicles to businesses for some time now. At the Brussels Motor Show, the French automaker took the opportunity to debut an updated version of a tried-and-true electric van, as well as introduce a new delivery van to its EV lineup. As the newest additions to its Pro+ line of commercial vehicles, Renault has unveiled the new Kangoo ZE and Master ZE.

While we already covered the launch of the new Kangoo ZE ahead of its official debut, we now have a few more details about the updated electric van. Most importantly, its new "ZE 33" battery offers a capacity of 33 kWh and a subsequent driving range of 168 miles based on the generous NEDC cycle. That's a 50 percent increase over the model it replaces. Renault quotes a real-world "delivery cycle" range of 200 km, and a new HVAC heat pump helps the vehicle maintain driving range in cold weather. The Kangoo ZE uses a new electric motor based on the Zoe's R75/90, offering 60 hp. Also available is the new 7 kW WallBox charger, recharging the Kangoo ZE in about six hours.

The newest Renault to get an EV version is the Master heavy van. Designed with last-mile delivery services in mind, the Master ZE uses the R75 electric motor, good for 76 hp. It also uses the new ZE 33 battery, and offers a driving range of 200 km (NEDC). It, too, charges to 100 percent in about six hours using the new WallBox.

The Kangoo ZE and Master ZE also offer connected services. In addition to the services featured in other Renault EVs that allow for easier charging across Europe, the automaker is launching new services specifically for its business customers. Later this year, Renault will introduce its Fleet Management service, which provides valuable data and helps lower cost of ownership. Also, the Predictive Maintenance service will use the vehicle's predictive data analysis system to assess its condition and plan ahead for maintenance to ensure better service costs and keep the vehicle up and running (and earning money).

The new Renault Kangoo ZE will be available in Europe beginning mid-2017, while the Master ZE goes on sale late in the year.

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