Real Madrid Players Get Their Yearly Audis And Many Are Q7 SUVs

4 years, 7 months ago - 24 November 2017, motor1
Real Madrid Players Get Their Yearly Audis And Many Are Q7 SUVs
It may be Thanksgiving Day in the United States, but in Spain it’s that time of the year for Real Madrid’s players to take delivery of their shiny new cars from the team’s sponsor Audi.

The company with the four-ring logo joined forces with the hugely popular soccer team back in 2003 and since then it has been providing its talented players with the latest models every year.

Audi was kind enough to talk about what the players have chosen to drive for the next 12 months. By far the most popular car is the Q7 as no less than 14 players decided to go with the large luxury SUV, with some choosing the more special versions such as the E-Tron Quattro and the torquetastic SQ7 TDI.

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo a.k.a. CR7 opted to have a menacing Panther Black RS7 Sportback Performance, while coach Zinédine Zidane received the keys to a Daytona Gray RS6 Avant Performance. The most affordable car on the list would have to be a Glacier White S5 Coupe selected by Marco Asensio whereas the most expensive is an Ibis White R8 Spyder chosen by none other than Sergio Ramos.

Oddly enough, Audi's new A8 flagship is not among the company cars of Real Madrid's players. The recently introduced A7 Sportback isn't either, though that makes sense considering production hasn't even started yet.

As you may recall, it was only a little over a month ago when Audi organized a similar event at home in Ingolstadt, Germany where FC Bayern München players got their new cars. The RS6 Avant proved to be the most popular choice with five players deciding to go with the fast wagon, while the Q7 came in second place together with its SQ7 derivative.

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