Porsche 911 Hybrid Would Be About Power And Performance Rather Than Efficiency

3 years, 8 months ago - 10 November 2020, motor1
Porsche 911 Hybrid Would Be About Power And Performance Rather Than Efficiency
Sounds great to us!

The Porsche 911 represents one of the most iconic vehicles on the planet and an ever-evolving showcase of Porsche engineering offering customers one of the most refined platforms ever built. Porsche 911s have been criticized for remaining too similar between generations and for some the lack of complex innovation may seem like a negative, but for others, the slowly evolving nature of the 911 produces a vehicle that’s not only well-engineered but optimized beyond the competition. The 911’s biggest shift may be on the horizon with the introduction of hybrid tech, but according to an interview with Autoblog, this addition will be in the name of performance over efficiency.

Porsche has impressive experience in the world of both hybrid and electric vehicles that few other car manufacturers can match. Combine that with the financial power of parent company Volkswagen Auto Group and you have a potent recipe for innovation.

The Porsche 918 Hypercar debuted Porsche hybrid tech while the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid brought this technology to the masses. Porsche also has extensive experience thanks to its Le Mans-winning 919 Hybrid LMP1 car, which took Porsche hybrids through the most rigorous endurance race on the planet.

We also see this experience in the new Taycan electric car, which allowed Porsche to leverage this experience in a car designed to be electric from the ground up. When it comes to the 911 slow and steady wins the race. Porsche isn’t going to put technology into their most important brand icon if it has not proven itself as a worthy addition. 

When will we see a Porsche 911 Hybrid? Well, as soon as Porsche is ready to make one, and that’s fine with us as there’s plenty of performance potential in the superb flat-6s used by modern 911s.

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