Opel GT X Experimental Concept Teaser Hints At Sharp Design

4 years, 4 months ago - 2 August 2018, motor1
Opel GT X Experimental Concept Teaser Hints At Sharp Design
This is how Opels are going to look like by the mid-2020s.

To mark one year since becoming a member of the PSA family, Opel has released a teaser video revealing the name of its brand new concept car due to be unveiled by the end of 2018. It's called the GT X Experimental and points towards the company's next design language set to be applied across the entire range by the middle of the next decade.

At the front, future models will boast the "Opel Compass" with two prominent axes extending from one corner to the other, above and below the company's logo. There's also something called a "Vizor," which takes inspiration from the eye slot of a motorbike helmet. The LED headlights, daytime running lights, along with the cameras and sensors and the badge are framed by the "Vizor," which debuts on the GT X Experimental and will be seen on future road-going cars.

While Opel isn't willing to talk just yet about the concept's technical specifications, it appears to be fully electric since we can see a battery indicator around the 0:37 mark. It shows 475 kilometers (295 miles) of range from a battery pack that isn't entirely full, so the maximum range is even higher. The absence of a conventional front grille with cooling vents further denotes the showcar doesn't have a combustion engine up front.

We will get to see Opel's sharp new concept car sometime this fall, while the first production model to usher in the fresh design language is likely at least a couple of years away. The next-generation Corsa is due in 2019, but its design has long been signed off, so maybe the new Astra due after 2020 might debut the company's styling approach.

As a final note, it's worth mentioning that the car briefly visible around the 0:40 mark is not the new GT X Experimental, but the GT concept from a couple of years ago.

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