Nissan Trademarks IMS & IMQ: Possible Electric Crossovers

5 years, 4 months ago - 27 December 2018, InsideEVs
Nissan Trademarks IMS & IMQ: Possible Electric Crossovers
Nissan IMx concept will start a whole series of IM concepts?

According to the latest news, on December 10 Nissan registered in the European Intellectual Property Office two trademarks for automotive use – the IMS and IMQ – which are probably related to the Nissan IMx concept and Nissan  IMx KURO concept.

The IM means Intelligent Mobility, so the IM_ could become a template for more electric concepts – the following models would get separate letters like S and Q. We will know for sure in the next couple of motor shows.

It's expected that Nissan will introduce the production version of an electric crossover or SUV within two years, once the new platform for BEVs is completed.

The IMx is equipped with dual-motor all-wheel drive (320 kW, 720 Nm) and offered range of up to 600 km (373 miles) of range in JC08 (which means about 225 miles/360 km translated to real world/EPA driving).

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