Mini To Launch Two Electric Crossovers

3 years, 7 months ago - 1 November 2020, motor1
Mini To Launch Two Electric Crossovers
It's official.

Two words seem to dominate the automotive news stream these days - crossovers and EVs. Mini is well aware of how important these two segments are and the company’s future strategy will focus on exactly that. More precisely, Mini will combine the two hot topics to launch two brand new all-electric crossovers.

This is not just a rumor but the official word from the English automaker which released a press release detailing its plans to realign its model range “with a clear focus on drivetrain technologies, vehicle segments, and services of the future.” That may sound pretty vague at first read but wait, there’s an actual official confirmation.

“The future core portfolio of all-electric vehicles will include the Mini 3-Door Hatch, a new crossover model in the small-car segment, and a compact crossover model. The brand’s small-car models and a crossover model in the compact segment will be available to choose from with conventional internal combustion engines

In fact, just one of these two crossovers will be all-new and this will be the smaller of the two, which will be offered exclusively with an all-electric powertrain. The larger of the two will be the next-generation Countryman which will be available to customers around the world with both combustion engines and an electric system. The company promises both new crossovers will be typical Minis when it comes to clever use of space, exciting drive, and individuality.

For the next generation of models, Mini will be extremely focused on the Chinese market. Currently, about ten percent of Mini’s production is sold in the People’s Republic but this share is expected to grow significantly in the next few years. To answer the needs of the local customers, the brand will soon change its status to a locally producing automotive supplier. All-electric Minis will be manufactured in China starting in 2023 in cooperation with the local automaker Great Wall.

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