Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series Caught By Motor1 Reader In Spain

5 years ago - 19 July 2017, motor1
Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series Caught By Motor1 Reader In Spain
Motor1 readers are the best in the world.

Last month we showed off some video clips of a demonic-sounding Mercedes-AMG GT R getting a workout at the Nürburgring. Thing is, this particular model had camo print on the outside with what appeared to be a wider stance. AMG boss Tobias Moers said that the company's ultra-hardcore Black Series would appear somewhere in the GT line. There's plenty of reason to think this car could be it.

And now, thanks to an anonymous Motor1 fan, we have a few more crisp images of this as-yet unnamed Merc. The car was spotted in Mojácar, Spain a couple weeks ago, spending some quality time with an AMG GT Roadster. Not only does the gray roof and black spoiler match one of the cars we saw in the video, the number plate is dead-on exact.

The camo print does a good job of obscuring body lines, so its hard to tell if there's additional bulk to the rear fenders. There's no question the rear fascia is from the AMG GT R, and the rear wing appears to be standard GT R as well. Unfortunately we don't have a good look at the front of the car, but there does seem to be some extra kit down low on the very front of the fasica, sticking out to the side. That would match what we saw in the video, suggesting this could well be a Black Series prototype.

It looks as though our anonymous friend caught the pair of AMGs just as they were leaving, but it's certainly enough to whet our appetites for more. If Mercedes is planning to amp up the GT R, we'd expect to see at least 600 horsepower and enough handling tweaks to make this already capable car an amazing track machine.

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