Husqvarna Releases Major Updates To 2024 Enduro Range

1 year ago - 8 June 2023, rideapart
Husqvarna Releases Major Updates To 2024 Enduro Range
An upgraded frame, improved suspension, and engine refinements make the 2024 Husky enduros better than ever.

In the world of enduro and motocross, few brands hold as much prestige as Husqvarna. For decades, the Swedish company has been producing some of the world's winningest off-roaders. Today, even with the brand under the Pierer umbrella, the brand has continued its success in the world of off-road riding. 

In line with the growing popularity of enduro and trail riding all over the world, Husqvarna has introduced its 2024 enduro range which offer new tech and features that set themselves apart from the rest of the bikes in the premium enduro category. Across the board, Husky's updated TE and FE models feature a laundry list of updates. Let's take a closer look. 

Across the board, the 2024 TE and FE models are built atop a new chrome polybdenum steel frame, which enhances their flexibility and enhances straight-line stability, particularly at high speeds. The rear subframe of these models consists of two pieces, utilizing polyamide and reinforced aluminum materials. This design significantly enhances durability, while also improving the bike's overall handling and providing better feedback to the rider.

The suspension system of the 2024 Husqvarna TE and FE models has also received significant improvements. These motorcycles are equipped with enduro-spec WP hardware, including a WP XACT fork with a closed cartridge steel spring and a central piston. This fork setup ensures smoother movement and enhances overall plushness during the ride. Additionally, an active hydraulic damper has been incorporated to provide extra support in the final 68 millimeters of travel, further enhancing the bike's performance.

At the rear, the WP XACT monoshock has been redesigned with a new piston, resulting in a weight reduction of 100 grams. Despite being lighter, the monoshock maintains its high performance. These models offer an impressive 300 millimeters of wheel travel while also being 15 millimeters shorter in overall length, contributing to improved maneuverability and control.

The TE 150, TE 250, and TE 300 two-stroke models of the 2024 Husqvarna lineup come with exciting engine updates. These models now feature new engines equipped with Throttle Body Injection (TBI) technology. The TBI system ensures a more complete and controllable power output across all rev ranges, even in challenging conditions. This enhancement guarantees optimal performance and responsiveness for riders.

On the other hand, the FE 250 and FE 350 four-stroke models boast new and more compact engines. These engines have been repositioned on the frame with a slight tilt back compared to the previous generation. This strategic adjustment serves to centralize the masses and greatly improve the handling of the frame. By keeping the center of gravity low and centralized, these updates ensure neutral and compliant handling characteristics, providing riders with enhanced control and maneuverability on various terrains.

Furthermore, across the entire range, the bikes have received redesigned plastics with new graphics. These visual updates are not merely for aesthetics; they have been engineered to offer improved contact with the rider's knees. This design enhancement ensures better grip and control during off-road riding, allowing riders to maneuver with confidence and precision. Additionally, a redesigned headlight has been incorporated into these models, featuring a brighter beam. This upgraded lighting system enhances visibility, providing riders with improved visibility during night rides or in low-light conditions.

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