How Can You Make A Suzuki Jimny Cooler? Rooftop Tent

5 years, 1 month ago - 12 June 2019, motor1
How Can You Make A Suzuki Jimny Cooler? Rooftop Tent
What else do you need for a quick escape from the city?

Have you heard about Roam Overlanding? It's an adventure that is all about "escaping the rush of the city, and heading where your heart desires." What's the perfect vehicle for such an endless journey? It's the new Suzuki Jimny, obviously.

In the YouTube channel of Roam Overlanding you can follow all the upgrades the little off-roader is receiving. We'll get to that part later and first we'd like to talk a little about the latest addition to the setup – an Eezi Blade rooftop tent.

It turns out you don't have to use a large SUV if you want to build a mobile house and go on a journey into the wild. The video at the top of this page documents the process of installing the roomy tent, which seems to be a relatively easy job. The tent fits perfectly and even gives the Jimny a more adventurous look in combination with the foldable roof awning produced by the same company.

Back to the mission of Roam Overlanding, one of the main goals of the project is to get familiar with and guide you through the aftermarket camping equipment for vehicles. The team wants to build "the ultimate Overlander" that can take you to the end of the world and back. The first upgrades included a set of new wheels wrapped in off-road BF Goodrich tires and a roofrack. New bumpers and rocksliders followed before the Eezi awning was installed.

On the official site of the adventure movement, you can find product reviews, more information about the vehicle itself, and stories about the places and people involved. There's also a podcast for those of you who want to get behind the curtains and learn more about the idea.

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