Harley-Davidson “Barracuda” Is a Two-Wheeled Predator, Feeds on Miles All Day Long

2 years ago - 2 May 2022, autoevolution
Harley-Davidson “Barracuda” Is a Two-Wheeled Predator, Feeds on Miles All Day Long
In the world of vehicles, the term Barracuda will forever be associated with the Plymouth of the 1960s and 1970s that is still turning heads around and pockets inside out at various auctions across the U.S. It’s a term one doesn’t use lightly for anything else, but we dared slap it on this custom 2017 Harley-Davidson Breakout.

We chose to use this term first because it’s how the edging on the paint job is called - that would be Gris Silver Barracuda, to be more precise. Then, we chose it because it fits the predatorial appearance of this custom put together over in France by a garage called Melk.

The shop’s main area of expertise is paint, and it shows on this Barracuda. The color we’ve already mentioned was used in combination with anthracite gray, sprinkled with iridescent micro-glitter, the de-chroming of some elements, and a satin finishing varnish. On top of that, and for even more effect, various decorations were slapped on the tank, front and rear mudguards, side covers and spoiler.

The motorcycle is not just a pretty face, but it packs some other modifications as well, including mechanical ones, meant to increase its performance.

At the rear, the builder went for a lowering kit by Muller Motorcycles and paired that with a 260 mm rear wheel wrapped in Metzeler rubber. At the opposite end, the front fender was cut and lowered for a more aggressive look.

Beneath the custom seat, a Vance & Hines exhaust system was fitted, paired with an air filter made by the same shop. The engine, still stock, received some programming magic and is now rated at 89.73 hp and 148.8 Nm.

Coming into this world as bike number 23 in Melk’s portfolio, the Barracuda lacks a sticker price, but inquiries can find their way to the shop’s reps at this link. 

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