Fake Ferrari and Lamborghini shop busted

7 years, 4 months ago - 16 February 2017, stuff.co.nz
Fake Ferrari and Lamborghini shop busted
If you're thinking about buying a Ferrari or Lamborghini on the cheap, you might want to hear this first.

Video footage provided courtesy of police of the Spanish Ministry of the Interior shows the aftermath of a raid in Girona on Sunday on a compound which specialised in the production of counterfeit luxury brand vehicles.

Spanish police arrested three people in connection with manufacturing and selling counterfeit Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

The group was arrested in a police raid on the garage where the automobiles were being produced.

The fake luxury cars were assembled by first creating a mould of a Ferrari or Lamborghini body kit and then fusing the counterfeit body, complete with fake emblems and other insignia, onto a Toyota chassis with the use of fibreglass.

The group organised fake registration documents for all their cars as well.

The gang of counterfeiters then attempted to sell their fake exotic cars online.

During the raid, the police found four completed fake Ferraris, while 14 other vehicles were also found in various stages of construction. The group attracted police attention once they put a vehicle up for sale in Benidorm through an online website for an approximate price of NZ$61,000.

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