Custom 1978 Honda CB750 F2 Is the Stuff of Patina Lovers’ Wildest Fantasies

1 year ago - 31 May 2023, autoevolution
Custom 1978 Honda CB750 F2 Is the Stuff of Patina Lovers’ Wildest Fantasies
The historical Dutch city of Groningen is where you’ll find Outsiders Motorcycles – a workshop that’s been in operation since 2011.

Browsing through their portfolio, you’ll find countless projects worth admiring exhaustively from all angles, but the one that really caught our attention is the crew’s seventh build completed back in 2015.

Those who can appreciate a bit of patina will be particularly fond of this machine, which was put together for a graphic designer named Lars. It all started with a Honda CB750 F2 from the model-year 1978, and Outsiders’ client was willing to give them carte blanche as long as they consulted him before making any costly mods.

With the antique (and rather weary) donor taken apart, the team proceeded to give its inline-four engine some much-needed TLC. They refurbished the valves, ported the heads, and honed the cylinders, installing fresh rings and seals along the way. Handling the intake side of things is a quartet of Keihin CR carburetors topped with K&N air filters.

Outsiders did away with the CB750’s standard exhaust system, fitting a bespoke four-into-two unit in its stead. High-grade Spark mufflers cap off the new pipework, and there are discreet custom brackets holding everything in place. The shop’s makeover is equally intriguing when it comes to the running gear, as they left no stone unturned!

At the front, this reworked UJM wears the forks and braking system of a Honda Transalp, while its rear end rests on longer Bitubo shocks and a CB550’s swingarm. Not only does this hardware provide a considerable handling upgrade, but it’ll also come in pretty handy for a tall rider like Lars. Retro-style tires and a pair of Excel rims occupy the unspung territory, measuring 19 inches up north and 18 inches down south.

For tighter proportions out back, the creature received a looped subframe that’s been fabricated from scratch. Sitting up top is a stunning brown leather seat, and the handmade fender found underneath is home to a Bates-style LED taillight and a compact license plate holder. The front end also bears a custom aluminum fender, along with a yellow-tinted headlamp a little higher up.

In the cockpit, Outsiders reduced the bike’s instrumentation to a single dial and fitted an aftermarket handlebar with Biltwell grips. They also wanted to keep the subframe triangle completely hollow, so the under-seat oil tank got deleted in favor of a tailor-made module. It’s stashed beneath the fuel chamber together with most of the CB750’s electronics and a Ballistic EVO2 battery.

Now, the said gas tank is obviously the star of the show here. Outsiders sourced a CB650Z fuel cell and handed it over to Future Relics in order to receive that tasty patina effect. The tank was wrapped in three layers of contrasting paint, sanded down in various places, and ultimately blessed with a clear coat to keep the real corrosion at bay. Acid, epoxy, and metal shavings were also used to amplify the rust effect. 

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