Bold! Angry Customer Brings "Tank" to Home Improvement Store, Makes a Stand

3 months, 2 weeks ago - 2 January 2024, autoevolution
Bold! Angry Customer Brings "Tank" to Home Improvement Store, Makes a Stand
Almost anyone in this world had a problem with a vendor at least once. It happens. After all, companies are run by people, and people do make mistakes.

It's understandable, especially if your grievance is resolved in due course or there's a deal that helps both parties put the issue to bed. However, in this man's case, calling and complaining in person for months did nothing. So, he took it upon himself to warn others about that particular store. Here's the gist of it.

A British man spent over $31,000 (£24,500) on a new kitchen. The shop he chose to get the furniture also offered transport and installation. Going forward with the provider of all the cabinets and drawers made sense. What the customer didn't know was that he would end up with a ton of troubles afterward.

The kitchen was shipped and installed, but the experts who were supposed to do all the work accordingly failed to deliver. The customer complained about not being satisfied with the job the fitters did. He explained that the doors weren't closing properly, the cabinet doors were crooked, and even mold started to appear. However, it got him nowhere. The company refused to address the man's complaints.

All of the above happened in February. Fast forward to December, and after many attempts to reach a deal with the home improvement store, the man decided to take matters into his own hands.

He waited 10 months before he decided enough was enough. The grandpa got a "tank" from a British company that specializes in allowing people to experience such military equipment (and more!), stuck a very creative sign of complaint on the turret, took it to the store's front entrance, and parked it in such a way that it couldn't be towed. It was very close to a lighting pole.

The sign comprises a playful take on the selling party's name and is a distinct warning other shoppers can see on a clean and attention-grabbing "tank." It's hard to miss something green and big that rides on continuous tracks and has a fully rotating turret.

You could call it a "tank of shame." The only problem is that it's not a tank. It's a self-propelled artillery machine that's part of the armored fighting vehicles the British Army used up until the early '90s. Some units are still in service, but in India.

All the customer wanted to do was point out that not sticking to your end of the deal isn't fair. He argued that the store should have truly listened to what he had to say, checked the kitchen, and devised a solution.

The man's idea of a protest quickly gathered the public's support, and many came out saying that the home improvement store was not as good as some might have believed. Some even shared horrific stories where customers almost lost their houses because of deals that went wrong. The British media also got involved. Multiple online outlets wrote about the man's initiative.

Despite all that effort and community support, it took the company around three days to react.

Fortunately, in the end, his plan worked. Corporate got in touch with the righteously disgruntled customer and said they would attempt to fix the problem. The brand also apologized to customers who had to see that military vehicle and the sign attached to it. 

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