Audi drops chrome for updated brand identity

1 year, 6 months ago - 16 November 2022, autocar
Audi drops chrome for updated brand identity
New two-dimensional ‘four rings’ logo appears for first time on facelifted Q8 E-tron

Audi has today provided a closer look at its new logo, which does away with three-dimensional chrome in favour of a more 'discreet' monochrome identity.

The new Audi logo reflects the brand’s push into more expensive markets with what is intended to be a more understated identity, said brand strategist Frederik Kalisch.

Designer André Georgi explained: “Today’s chrome rings stand for high quality. The material alone conveys that message. But we believe that we have found the ‘new chrome’. The clarity of the new black-and-white rings makes our corporate identity unmistakable.

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