Aston Martin Selling Ready-Made Collection Of Vantage Race Cars

3 years, 6 months ago - 25 November 2020, motor1
Aston Martin Selling Ready-Made Collection Of Vantage Race Cars
Not your average car collection.

The Aston Martin brand can carry many different meanings to those in the automotive space. To some, they picture the Aston Martin DB5 from the Bond films, while to others they are a powerhouse in the world of endurance racing. Catering to the latter – and their recent world championship in the WEC LMGTE Pro category – the British automaker is looking back at where the success came from.

The Legacy Collection includes a trio of GT cars from the brand’s recent endurance racing success: a Vantage GT4 car, V12 Vantage GT3, and the V8 Vantage GTE. All three are built from a brand new chassis and come ready to race with the ubiquitous sterling green livery and yellow accents.

Starting off, you may ask why a GT4 car would be in a collection of racing greats. It turns out that the Vantage GT4 was the first racing car created around the VH-era architecture, making its debut in 2009. Aston Martin Racing built 107 examples up until the new evolution took over in 2018. The car in the collection is the 108th and last to roll out of the workshop.

Keen readers may be more fond of the V12 Vantage GT3 which made its debut in 2012. Apart from being one of the last V12 GT cars, it brought AMR great success, winning the British GT championship in 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2018. As many manufacturers succumbed to turbocharging, Aston Martin was steadfast in keeping the V12 alive up until its swan-song performance in the 2019 installment of the Bathurst 12 Hours – phased out by the current turbocharged V8 Vantage, 46 examples were built up until 2017.

“For a collector, this trio of Aston Martin Racing Vantages represents the ultimate tribute to a halcyon period for the brand in international sportscar racing,” said President of Aston Martin Racing, David King. “While Aston Martin has since gone on to record world championship titles with the current generation turbocharged V8 Vantage, the foundations laid by the huge success of the original car won it admirers around the globe and led to it becoming a firm favorite with racing fans.

While only six V8 Vantage GTE cars were built, they were incredibly successful – during its brief stint, it was the winningest car in the FIA World Endurance Championship with seven titles and two LeMans victories to its name. Wearing chassis number 007, the GTE in the collection is the seventh and final car to be made. 

Celebrating one of the most successful periods in the British automaker’s racing history, this collection of AMR race cars is a sight to behold. Pricing remains to be seen, but we’d wager these beauties will set you back a pretty penny.

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