2022 BMW iNEXT spy photos reveal size, details of the electric crossover

4 years, 10 months ago - 25 July 2019, Autoblog
2022 BMW iNEXT spy photos reveal size, details of the electric crossover
Riding roof-to-wheels with an X5 M provides some scale

We've seen the 2022 BMW iNEXT a few times, usually without much camouflage. But in these spy shots, we have a unique opportunity to gauge just how big the iNEXT will be, as directly above it is a current X5 M. By using that as a measuring stick, we can see that the iNEXT will be a smidgen larger in some dimensions than the X5, meaning it will be one of the largest luxury electric crossovers.

Length is the main dimension we have to go on, and it appears the iNEXT is a bit longer than the X5's 194.3-inch overall length. That means it's at least an inch longer than the Audi E-Tron, at least 7 inches longer than the Mercedes-Benz EQ C, and at least 10 inches more than the Jaguar I-Pace. The only crossover that may be longer is the Tesla Model X, which measures 198.3 inches in length. It's also the only one of these competitors that offers a third row seat.

Looking closely at where the length has been added on the iNEXT, most of it seems to be behind the back wheels. It almost looks long enough to have a third row seat as an option, if not standard. This would certainly make it the most direct Model X competitor. If it doesn't offer a third row, at least it seems to have an especially long cargo area.

Further comparison between the iNEXT and the X5 shows that the iNEXT has a much lower roof, and is generally lower (not unlike a comparison between the Mercedes EQC and GLC). We also can see more of the rear pillar revealed on this prototype. The D-pillar is thick, and the rear window kicks up in a similar way as the design on the BMW X2. Perhaps BMW is aiming for this crossover to be sportier than most of its conventional crossovers.

The BMW iNEXT goes into production next year, and will likely be on sale as a 2022 model. BMW has said it will offer up to 372 miles of range and advanced driver assists that could be nearing autonomy.

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