Watch These NHTSA Tesla Model 3 Crash Test Videos

5 years, 8 months ago - 25 September 2018, InsideEVs
Watch These NHTSA Tesla Model 3 Crash Test Videos
This might be painful to watch.

But here's what it looks like when a Tesla Model 3  gets crash tested for safety evaluation purposes.

Earlier today, we reported on the NHTSA awarding the Model 3 with 5 stars (the highest rating) in all categories. Like all Teslas, safety is a primary focus, so we expected that 5-star result.

The frontal crash test video is where you'll see the vehicles massive crumple zone come into play. Due to the lack of a conventional engine up front, the crumple zone is significantly larger than your typical vehicle. This means that there's a lot more room up front for impact to disperse.

The other two videos, side impact and side pole, don't differentiate as much from conventional automobiles, though surely the low-mount battery takes some of the impact.

Check out these videos of the tests below.

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