Watch This Lego Vw Beetle Come To Life In This Mesmerizing Video

6 years, 4 months ago - 29 January 2018, motor1
Watch This Lego Vw Beetle Come To Life In This Mesmerizing Video
This looks relaxing.

There's nothing like taking a new Lego set out of the box and spending a Sunday afternoon putting it together, carefully following the directions step by step while sipping an adult beverage. If you don't have a new Lego set handy, you could just watch this video from Hagerty. It's a timelapse, stop-motion video of a classic Volkswagen Beetle build, and it's about as relaxing as building a Lego set yourself.

Watching the video, one does have to wonder if it was more difficult assembling the Lego set or making the timelapse video. You get to watch the brick Beetle be built from the ground up. The frame and wheels are put together first. You can watch as the transmission tunnel and seats are built piece by piece. The fender bricks roll up and over the wheels as the seats come together. The doors, roof, and hood are next along with a surfboard and a picnic basket. It's all about the details like the head and taillights, and license plate. It's a mesmerizing video to watch.

Lego sets are a great way to get children into automotive enthusiasm. They can not only learn to follow directions, which is important when they start to learn more mechanical skills, but it also allows for creativity once they ram their Lego creation into the wall to watch all the brick pieces explode. They can piece it back together however they want, making something new and unique.

Either way, the stop-motion, timelapse video is mesmerizing to watch. It's soothing – the perfect way to wind down on a Sunday evening before a hectic work week. It's not the same as building your own, but it's pretty darn close. Enjoy it on repeat.

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