Toyota's Rangga Concept Is the Compact Pickup Truck You Asked for but Can't Have

11 months ago - 19 August 2023, autoevolution
Toyota's Rangga Concept Is the Compact Pickup Truck You Asked for but Can't Have
Forget California's string of events related to the Monterey Car Week; the 30th Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIAAS) is the place to be if you're a Toyota fan with compact truck cravings.

Hyundai set an interesting automotive wave in motion when they first showed the Santa Cruz compact unibody pickup truck concept for North America and then put it into production a few years later. The only problem is that they were so tardive that one automaker also seized the opportunity to try and restart the public's passion for the base truck segment – and Ford doubled up with the electrified and turbo EcoBoost 2023 Ford Maverick.

Naturally, the rugged pocket-sized truck produced in Mexico was cheaper than the posher Santa Cruz made in the United States, and the sales results are overwhelmingly in its favor. Of course, other automakers decided that where two exist, there is always more space for a third competitor. And ever since Hyundai and Ford started trading blows in the unibody compact pickup truck sector, the rumor mill has gone mad trying to see if the whispers of Toyota joining the fray were true or not.

Some rumors indicated that the Japanese automaker would try to crash the Maverick and Santa Cruz party by reviving the Stout nameplate. Still, most recently, new reports have surfaced that rebuffed that. Instead, it appears that Toyota is mulling a potential unibody compact pickup truck contender based on the Corolla Cross variant for North America. But that sounds a little boring, right?

Well, as it turns out, all our Stout dreams have come true with the Toyota Rangga Concept series. The only problem with the light-duty compact truck is that it's a cab chassis only… and a forbidden fruit for anyone in the West. That is simply because the quirky little pickup truck – which has chameleonic functions and can turn from streetable hero to ambulance, fire truck, camper, and even ice cream machine – was introduced at the 30th Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIAAS) in Indonesia.

And when it enters series production, it will stay there, as this is a project for emerging markets. Information revolving around the Rangga Concept is scarce – unless you know how to translate Toyota's local GIAAS-related press release. But we did catch on to the fact that it will enter production in Indonesia with many customization options – we especially love the white-and-crimson liveried sport truck variant presented in the official renders, the ice cream option, and the camper variant.

Unfortunately, there's no exact indication when series production is expected to commence, if the company offers other body styles besides the single cab version, what powers the Rangga Concept in prototype form, and what exact powertrains will be used when manufacturing begins. Still, it's decidedly cute, right? 

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