Toyota Supra Performance Line Concept Arrives At SEMA With Aero Kit

4 years, 6 months ago - 7 November 2019, motor1
Toyota Supra Performance Line Concept Arrives At SEMA With Aero Kit
More downforce, less weight.

There are quite a few tricked-out Toyota Supras attending this year's SEMA show, and if this one has a familiar name, there's a very good reason why you might've heard of it before. The modified sports coupe actually made a rather quiet debut back in February at the Osaka Automesse, which is sort of like the Japanese equivalent of SEMA as it focuses on modified JDM-spec cars. Fast forward to current day, it's getting a proper reveal in Las Vegas.

Created by Toyota Customizing & Development (TCD), the Supra Performance Line is mainly about an aerodynamic body kit made from carbon fiber. The "visually stunning" package encompasses a lip spoiler up front where there are bigger winglets lending the performance coupe with a more aggressive fascia. The side profile has been modified with chunkier skirts aiding downforce, much like the door garnishes that optimize airflow by sending it over the rear quarter panels.

Moving at the back of the hot Supra concept, there are carbon fiber spats at the corners of the bumper to shoot air above it, and we also notice the custom exhaust system engineered by HKS with slightly larger tips. The upgrades on the outside end with a set of 19-inch forged aluminum wheels with a mesh-spoke design and a black finish. These wheels are lighter than the standard set and come wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport 4S tires for better grip.

Rounding off the changes is a pair of Bride seats offering greater later support for the driver and front passenger whenever the car is pushed hard around a race track.

As it was the case with the showcar presented at the beginning of the year, the Supra Performance Line concept does not come with a power boost, but the car's chief engineer has promised there will be new versions on a yearly basis. Surely some of them will come with output gains over the series 335 hp and 365 lb-ft (495 Nm).

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