‘Top Gear’s’ Chris Harris, Eddie Jordan escape a burning Alpine A110

6 years, 4 months ago - 6 February 2018, Autoblog
‘Top Gear’s’ Chris Harris, Eddie Jordan escape a burning Alpine A110
Is it something about "Top Gear" presenters that causes cars to burn down?

Last year, former BBC "Top Gear" host and current "Grand Tour" presenter Richard Hammond put down the shiny side of a Rimac hypercar, triggering an inferno, which he luckily escaped alive. But now it's current BBC "Top Gear" host Chris Harris who had to make a run for it as flames engulfed a pre-production sports car.

Harris, together with host Eddie Jordan, were trying out the new Alpine A110 on a closed stage of the famous Monte Carlo Rally a week ago. During their outing, which was likely being filmed for a segment in the show's upcoming new season, warning lights notified them of a problem in the car, and they soon realized the pre-production Alpine was on fire. Alpine has said it is investigating the incident, and it has currently suspended all pre-production cars as a precautionary measure.

Harris posted this shot of a blue Alpine on Instagram on Thursday 18th January; there's no confirmation whether this exact car was the destroyed one.

The Telegraph quotes Jordan as saying a Monte Carlo Rally stage was "a dream come true" for him, and that the A110 drove "beautifully" up until they had to abandon it. Neither Harris or Jordan were hurt in the fire, as luckily they were in fireproof competition overalls and gloves, but in the end there wasn't much left of the Alpine. "Sadly the car was lost and it always makes me sad to see a beautiful car destroyed," said Harris.

The all-aluminum A110 has a mid-mounted four-cylinder turbocharged engine producing 249 horsepower, and it reaches 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds.

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