This Defender Convertible Fills A Gap In Land Rover’s Lineup

6 months ago - 19 January 2024, motor1
This Defender Convertible Fills A Gap In Land Rover’s Lineup
If Land Rover doesn't make it, coachbuilders will.

The original Defender came in multiple flavors, but its modern-day equivalent is limited to the 90, 110, and the larger 130. The lineup not only lacks a pickup truck, but Land Rover has also refrained from producing a convertible. For those seeking open-top thrills, there's good news – Dutch coachbuilder Heritage Customs has done away with the off-roader's roof.

Derived from the Defender 90, the Valiance Convertible features a folding fabric top that contrasts with its Sunbeam Yellow body. This marks the company’s second conversion, following a different build introduced nearly a year ago with glorious white steel wheels. The latest iteration is flashier, showcasing bigger two-tone alloys, including a spare one attached to the fifth door.

Heritage Customs went beyond simply removing the fixed hardtop to make way for an electrically folding roof; they also added a full roll cage for extra strength and safety. The cabin received a makeover with yellow stitching to complement the vivid exterior. The coachbuilder enhanced the seats with black quilted leather upholstery. Moreover, the dashboard is adorned with 3D inlays made from etched aluminum. Upon closer inspection, you'll notice that this Defender 90 features the optional central front seat.

Heritage Customs doesn't keep Defender Valiance Convertibles in stock. These made-to-order vehicles take at least three months to complete and cost from €82,500 (nearly $90,000), plus the donor car and any applicable taxes. Production has been scaled up, and the coachbuilder is set to reveal another Valiance Convertible build soon. 

In 2024, SUV convertibles are few and far between, and soon we'll be crossing one off the list. Volkswagen recently announced that the T-Roc Convertible will bow out after the first and only generation runs its course.

Some will remember that aside from the old Defender, Land Rover had another cabrio-SUV mashup in its portfolio. We're talking about the short-lived Evoque Convertible.

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