This All Electric Jet Ski Can Charge To Full in Just An Hour

3 weeks, 3 days ago - 24 April 2024, rideapart
This All Electric Jet Ski Can Charge To Full in Just An Hour
Silent hysterics with an EV jet ski? Sign us up.

EV powersport machines are becoming more and more commonplace in the industry, as companies have launched all manner of electric UTVs, snowmobiles, and dirt bikes. And we're all for them, as they reduce the conflict between users and non-users, as well as reduce our overall carbon footprint—even though they still have their real issues.

Where we haven't seen a lot of advancement, however, is in jet skis. Finish company Viva wants to change that, as well as reduce the anxiety caused by EV range. Dropping at the Helsinki Boat exhibition, Viva is launching the company's first fully electric jet ski, and by the specs released, as well as the design, we need to get over to Finland ASAP. 

According to the company, the jet ski is powered by a 27kWh battery that flows through either a 60kW or 130kW motor depending on whether you go for the Cruizer or GT model. The two motors are capable of propelling the machine forward to a top speed of either 35 or 50 knots. And both feature a range of around 50 kilometers, which roughly translates to about 31 miles or about two hours of fun, according to the company. 

The two versions feature the same range as while the Cruizer features a fiberglass composite exterior, the GT utilizes a carbon composite, which reduces the overall weight by 70 pounds. Likewise, the company states that "VIVA plugs and molds are built with recyclable bio composite materials, resulting in a carbon footprint of 50% less than with traditional oil-based materials." That's always a plus in our book. 

The real lust-worthy spec, however, is the charge time as Viva claims using a Fast Charger will shorten its normal 110v charging from 20 hours to just 1 hour. That said, finding a Fast Charger near the water isn't going to be easy, even in EV-friendly Finland, and you'll likely have to recharge at home or at a station near the waterbody you intend to play in. 

"Our team has tirelessly worked to develop a high-performance watercraft that combines thrilling speed, reliability, environmental consciousness, and unprecedented work space solutions," says the company's Founder and CEO Timo Kronqvist. 

As to that work, the company is aiming to have the first 10 pre-series Vivas ready by summer 2024 or early 2025. And while Viva was accepting deposits for pre-orders, those spots are now gone.

Here's hoping they're produced and we get a real EV revolution within the space.  

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