Small, Affordable VW EV To Be Produced In Eastern Europe

5 years ago - 22 May 2019, InsideEVs
Small, Affordable VW EV To Be Produced In Eastern Europe
ID.3 in Zwickau, I.D. CROZZ In Emden and small affordable BEV in Eastern Europe?

German newspaper Handelsblatt reports that Volkswagen has changed its plans for electric car production at particular plants.

While the first and main model - the Volkswagen ID.3 - remains on track for production in Zwickau, Germany (over 200 pre-production units were already made), the upcoming (2023-2024) small and affordable BEV (under €20,000/$22,300) reportedly will not be produced in Emden, Germany.

The reason apparently is too high wage costs, which forced Volkswagen to opt rather for Eastern Europe, likely in its other factory in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The Emden plant might not be left without an EV, because the newspaper suggests Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ will be manufactured there (instead Zwickau). Of course, all the models would be produced in particular plants with its derivatives (various versions and brands).

The new small and affordable model of the size of T-Roc or Polo (subcompact) is expected to be based on the new BEV platform, currently developed by Seat in Spain, which delegated 300 engineers for the project:

  • smaller version of the Modular Electric Drive Toolkit (MEB)
  • for multiple brands and vehicles of the size of around 4 meters in length
  • for affordable electric cars, starting below €20,000 (in Europe)

Affordable Volkswagen - what is expected:

  • in 2023, or at the latest in 2024
  • from less than €20,000 ($22,300)
  • size of a T-Roc model
  • 5-seats
  • raised ride position
  • based on a smaller version of the MEB platform
  • range well over current Volkswagen e-Golf (125 miles / 201 km EPA)
  • front-wheel drive
  • production in Emden, Germany (200,000-300,000 per year) or Eastern Europe
  • possible siblings from Audi, Seat and Skoda
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