Ride-On Your Child Nostalgia With the McLaren Senna Electrified toy, Just £375

3 years, 11 months ago - 18 August 2020, autoevolution
Ride-On Your Child Nostalgia With the McLaren Senna Electrified toy, Just £375
Some parents are a little biased – they are simply using their children as excuses to fulfill all of their child-like dreams.

And given the huge expanse of the toy segment we cannot assign blame on anyone. Not even on those looking to buy McLaren's latest supercar toy – the Senna "Ride-On" - and secretly trying to enter inside for some track-like fun at home. Yeah, those working dihedral doors got everyone fooled.

Folks back in Woking have come up with a new "track-focused" and electrified incarnation of their McLaren Senna hypercar. It is nowhere nearly as powerful but should be able to bring just about the same level of joy to its drivers. Albeit one would be of the adult nature and the second of the aspiring type. Kids, with such toys you really do not need to grow up anymore!

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. McLaren's latest reveal is small in terms of size but incredibly huge when it comes to personality. The McLaren Senna Ride-On is targeting those who managed to resist the crave to go out and buy last year's 720S children's version – this time around there is no beating around the bush for those eager to please their junior racing drivers at home.

Modeled after the car that brought a fitting homage to its three-time McLaren Formula 1 World Champion namesake, Ayrton Senna, the new Ride-On can be ordered from McLaren dealerships and certain toy retailers in no less than five liveries: black, white, Mira orange, Vega blue and Memphis red. It can be had at home in the UK for just £375.

Those looking to further personalize their three- to six-year old's ride can also choose a sixth, bespoke, exterior paint – yellow with green detailing (just like Ayrton's legendary racing helmet). By the way, McLaren is letting us know its tame Formula One racing driver Lando Norris managed to squeeze in and have a test drive – so better prepare your fitness regime to become just as nimble if you plan on doing the same.

While you are exercising you might also want to know the Senna Ride-On has a working brake with its own light function, working dihedral doors, push-button start function and authentic Senna engine sounds alongside an infotainment system that can play music directly from an SD card or a USB connection.

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