Restomod specialist creates lightweight Porsche 911 993

1 year, 9 months ago - 3 August 2022, autocar
Restomod specialist creates lightweight Porsche 911 993
The Autoart 993R, first created as part of a bespoke order by Paul Stephens, is 150kg lighter than the original model

Porsche restomod specialist Paul Stephens has revealed a modern take on the revered Porsche 911 993, with drastic weight reductions and power uplifts.

Called the Autoart 993R, it combines an altered body of the standard, air-cooled 993 Carrera 2 – which was produced between 1994-1998 – with original Porsche 993RS kit, as well as the latest Porsche GT-derived components, and bespoke, lightweight parts.

This, the firm says, gives it the “rawness and charm of an air-cooled Porsche” but fitted with modern technology, lightweight engineering, which delivers enhanced performance, styling and driving experience over the original model, but with modern-day comfort.

The car, born from a bespoke Autoart customer brief but now “production-ready”, weighs in at 1220kg wet, 150kg lighter than when the 911 993 was first released. This has come from a drastic cutting of fat, which includes the deletion of the original sunroof, the steel bonnet replaced with a Porsche Motorsport aluminium version, bespoke front and rear bumpers, and lightweight racing glass fitted for the side and rear windows.

Under the bonnet, a 360bhp flat-six powerplant – based on the engine from a 993RS – is found, but with capacity increased to 3.8 litres from 3.6 litres. A cheaper 330bhp engine option is also available. 

Both engines have been upgraded with a crankshaft from a Porsche 911 GT3 997, along with RSR pistons, and other parts from Porsche Motorsport. As expected, this power is sent to the rear wheels, with brakes coming from the 993RS.

Inside, the original interior has been given bespoke tweeks, which includes carbonfibre Recaro seats, integrated roll-cage, and all non-essential electronics deleted to reduce weight and improve engagement.

The firm has also fitted the 993R with a Wavetrac limited slip differential, five-way adjustable suspension, and modified Cargraphic performance exhaust system.

Firm owner Paul Stephens said: “The 993R [to me] really pushes our years of air-cooled experience to the limit, from the engine, suspension, lightweight panels, to the car’s bespoke minimalist interior. 

The 993R isn’t a swansong, but I wanted it to be the ‘best of’ Autoart, all meeting or bettering the customer’s brief.

He added: “More than any Paul Stephens Autoart-converted Porsche 911 to-date, the new 993R project expresses our ‘less is more’ philosophy to include many subtle details that will go unnoticed to the casual observer, yet hopefully will be appreciated by the most ardent 911 aficionados, who understand our vision.”

The car is built to order, with pricing based on specific enquiries, but with near-mint condition original 993s selling for upwards of £100,000, expect a very hefty premium on that. No limit on production numbers has been made.

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