Nissan reveals Ariya-inspired, single-seat EV racer concept

2 years, 2 months ago - 2 December 2021, autocar
Nissan reveals Ariya-inspired, single-seat EV racer concept
One-off racer has been developed using insights from Formula E and is styled to match new SUV

Nissan has revealed a new electric single-seat race car concept loosely based on its forthcoming Ariya SUV. 

Called the Ariya Single Seater, it serves to demonstrate "how the all-electric Nissan Ariya road car powertrain could be used in a bespoke single seater racing car chassis". 

The firm has not yet confirmed that it plans to produce a functioning, full-sized example – nor indeed plans for a dedicated race series using the car – but Autocar understands that Nissan hopes to produce a working version for dynamic displays at Formula E races. 

The concept is related to the production SUV in more than just name: the front is decorated with a similar, light-up V motif, while the side is claimed to take inspiration "from the Ariya’s fluid and efficient surfaces, exaggerated to a maximum in carbonfibre".

It looks, Nissan claims, "like it was shaped by the air itself". 

Nissan's participation in Formula E is said to have inspired the concept's creation. The firm's motorsport boss, Tommaso Volpe, said: "Our EV programmes inform our Formula E programme and vice versa, allowing for road-to-track technology transfer as well as track-to-road. 

"The Nissan Ariya Single Seater Concept explores the combination of the all-electric powertrain, dual motors and revolutionary all-wheel drive system of the Ariya with a pure single-seat racing chassis - a powerful demonstration of just how thrilling electric vehicles could be.

Nissan has not given any powertrain or performance figures, but hints that it uses the production-specification Ariya powertrain – presumably the higher-output e4orce Performance system with up to 389bhp from its twin-motor, four-wheel-drive set-up. 

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