Next-generation Fiat 500e EV will be all new at 2020 Geneva Motor Show

5 years, 1 month ago - 21 March 2019, Autoblog
Next-generation Fiat 500e EV will be all new at 2020 Geneva Motor Show
Fiat's electric push in Europe begins with what it calls 'an urban Tesla'

Fiat's electrified European future begins with the next-generation 500e coming to the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. Maintaining the overall proportions of the current car, everything under the skin will be new, starting with the EV platform. This is the same architecture that would propel a potential production version of the "Affordable But Cool" Centoventi concept that Fiat brought to this year's Geneva Motor Show.

Fiat-Chrysler marketing boss Olivier Francois described the new 500e as, "A new 500, totally renewed. A new object. Totally electric. It's kind of an urban Tesla, with beautiful style. Italianess, dolce vita in an electric car. It's the polar opposite of Centoventi."
We doubt the Centoventi concept's battery arrangement will debut in the 500e, but that would be cool. The show car's modular battery concept could run for 62 miles on its integrated unit, but more batteries could be added — including one under the seat — for 310 miles of range. Instead, we'd expect Fiat to shoot for something like the Peugeot e-208, which gets a WLTP-rated 211 miles of range.

The Italian carmaker doesn't sell the 500e in Europe. Fiat's starting its electric push there with the new 500e because it wants to enter the market at the low end of pricing. That segment is also where the brand happens to be strongest; Autocar wrote that the 500 and Fiat Panda account for a third of the city car market. Since the new Fiat 500 arrived 12 years ago, more than 2 million have been sold in Europe alone.

Although an Italian buyer can purchase a Fiat 500 Pop for 14,350 euros (about $16,300), Francois said the average transaction price is 24,000 euros ($27,250). The competition in the urban EV segment sells for around 32,000 euros, leaving Fiat room to make a digestible price jump from what buyers pay now for ICE versions. More competition is on the way, too, with Mini's electric Cooper coming this year, and Honda's rocking little Urban EV soon.

Fiat takes an intermediate step later in 2019 when a 500 with a mild hybrid system goes on sale. That model employs a 12-volt belt-driven starter-generator. The current 500 with internal combustion will continue alongside the electric variant with stylistic and technical updates.

The coming 500e platform, developed at FCA, is called the City Car powertrain. It will be joined by three more EV chassis — the Mainstream platform for the Jeep Grand Commander, the Premium platform for the Maserati Quattroporte, and the Performance' platform for the Maserati Alfieri.

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