Lancia Announces Concept Debuting In April, Three New Models Coming

1 year, 4 months ago - 4 March 2023, motor1
Lancia Announces Concept Debuting In April, Three New Models Coming
The new Ypsilon arrives in 2024, and Lancia revives the Delta in 2028.

The Lancia brand is 116 years old and has big plans for the future. The company has three new vehicles on the way. Plus, it intends to reveal the Lancia Concept in April during Milan Design Week.

There are no details about the Lancia Concept at this time. It arrives just a few months after the arrival of the Pu+Ra Zero (pictured below) design showcase in November. That model previewed the automaker's new styling direction that would blend smooth shapes and more angular elements. The front had a Y-shaped light signature, and there were round, Stratos-inspired taillights at the back.

In 2024, the new Ypsilon will be the first of Lancia's new vehicles to arrive. It will have a fully electric powertrain and will have a Y-shaped lighting element similar to the Pu+Ra Zero concept's nose.

Lancia will introduce a new flagship model in 2026. There are no details available about it yet.

A new Delta will arrive in 2028. It will also be an EV because Lancia will be a fully electric brand starting that year.

In addition to becoming an EV brand, Lancia will aim to be the brand under Stellantis' large umbrella to have the highest percentage of recycled materials. Half of what occupants touch inside the vehicles will be an environmentally friendly substance.

Lancia is also working on a new look for its dealers. In Milan, there's a new pilot showroom that takes inspiration from Italian homes. It plans to roll this look out to other sales locations in Italy and Europe on June 30, 2024. The timing coincides with the introduction of the new Ypsilon.

Despite preparing a new generation, Lancia recently updated the existing Ypsilon with some small improvements. There's a new Dew Green exterior color. Inside, there's blue trim on the dashboard and door panels. The seat upholstery is Seaqual Yarn from recycled plastic out of the Mediterranean Sea. The 7.0-inch infotainment display gets support for the wireless versions of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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