Lancia Announces 10-Year Plan, Three New Models; Going EV-Only In 2028

2 years ago - 24 May 2022, motor1
Lancia Announces 10-Year Plan, Three New Models; Going EV-Only In 2028
Brand new Ypsilon and Delta are coming within this decade.

Under the ownership of Stellantis, Lancia is hoping for a brighter future with more models and an international presence. The Italian marque makes the first major step with the official announcement of a new 10-year strategic plan, which will begin in 2024 with the launch of the next-generation Ypsilon. The culmination of this new business plan will be in 2028 when Lancia will have only purely electric vehicles on sale.

The new Ypsilon will be the first new-generation model from the brand, launching in 2024 with a fully electrified engine range. Lancia’s smallest vehicle in the lineup will be roughly 4.0 meters long and will continue to be positioned in Europe’s B-segment. A fully electric variant is also in the cards.

Two years later, the brand will reveal its new flagship product, a 4.6-meter long crossover believed to be called Aurelia. The company says it will enter the largest segment in Europe, which makes us believe it will be similar to the new Citroen C5 X and the upcoming Opel Insignia, which will morph into a large (by Europe’s standards) SUV. 

Then, in 2028, the Delta will finally be renewed as a “sculpted and muscular car with geometric lines,” which probably means it will retain the hatchback shape of the original car. This new vehicle will be 4.4 meters long and will be designed to “attract car enthusiasts throughout Europe.” These three new models will cover approximately 50 percent of the market on the European continent, Lancia hopes.

The 10-year plan includes launching only purely electric vehicles from 2026, which means the Aurelia and Delta are most likely going to be zero-emissions products. Starting in 2028, Lancia will begin selling only 100 percent electric models, which suggests even the electrified combustion powertrains will be discontinued.

Responsible for this new strategy will be five newly-appointed top managers in the company with a new brand manager for France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg, and The Netherlands. By the end of this decade, Lancia wants to have about 100 dealers around 60 big cities around Europe. 

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