Kia teases distinctive next K7, which previews the 2020 Cadenza

4 years, 11 months ago - 9 June 2019, Autoblog
Kia teases distinctive next K7, which previews the 2020 Cadenza
Sharper lines outside get new jewelry, nice interior gets a big screen

The Kia Cadenza has made a home in America for only three years, but it's already up for a serious transformation with its next facelift. Kia South Korea has begun teasing the future of the sedan called K7 in its home market, and the rather anonymous midsizer is ready to make an impact. The four sketches and short video reveal much sharper lines all over, as if the sedan has spent many nights watching YouTube makeup tutorials on how to contour.

The concave grille remains, forming a hard vee instead of the angled "C" shape of the current car. Prominent edges on the lower bumper form larger, swept-back intakes, the openings connected by a full-width trim piece with unfurled origami wings at the edges. The headlights go narrow on the coming car, highlighting their jewelry and a new LED DRL pattern. In back, chrome accents are toned down, formerly soft forms adopt hard edges, while taillights with a "Z" pattern get connected by a row of red lights spanning the fascia.

There's far more drama for the interior. The instrument panel's been reworked to look more plush and make room for a single central feature, the large infotainment screen. HVAC vents move below the screen, and sleek climate controls occupy a compact slot between the vent and a gloss black covered cubby. The shifter has been shrunk into the shape of large, cut gemstone, the entire center tunnel area adopting a luxury sheen. And we can't be certain, but it appears one of the images shows an all-digital dash cluster.

Camouflaged Cadenza prototypes have been spotted roaming South Korea for the past seven months. A South Korean reveal is likely just around the corner, giving us a glimpse into what we'll see later this year.

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