Jaguar To Launch Three High-End Electric SUVs: Report

1 year, 10 months ago - 4 July 2022, motor1
Jaguar To Launch Three High-End Electric SUVs: Report
They won't arrive before the middle of the decade, though.

It’s a bit quiet at Jaguar these days, at least on the surface. The luxury brand has a new special edition sports car coming soon but it won’t launch a brand new model until 2024. This doesn’t mean nothing is happening behind the curtains, though.

 The long period will be used by Jag’s new boss Thierry Bolloré, who became the company’s CEO about two years ago, and his team to work on a strategy that should make Jaguar an exotic luxury automaker almost touching Bentley territories.

As part of this plan, Jaguar will reportedly launch no fewer than three high-end luxury SUVs around the middle of the decade. The flagship trio will be based on a brand new platform and will be powered exclusively by electric systems. The entry-level model among these three zero-emissions utilities will be sold with two and four doors, according to a new report by Autocar, wearing a starting price of around £80,000 – £90,000 or roughly $97,000 to $109,000 at the current exchange rates. The cheaper versions will have a single electric motor, while the range-toppers will be powered by a dual-motor setup.

On the other side of the spectrum within this new trio of electric SUVs, the flagship model will sit on the same new architecture but will be about 7.87 inches (200 millimeters) longer. It will reportedly come exclusively with a dual-motor powertrain and get a starting price of around £120,000 ($145,000). Loaded with all the available options and getting the potential SVR treatment will increase this figure significantly to about £200,000 ($242,500). Jaguar will develop this SUV mostly for China and the United States.

Underpinning all three new electric Jaguars will be a brand new platform currently known as Panthera. It is under development right now with an 800-volt architecture, cloud connectivity, and all the tech required for advanced semi-autonomous functions.

 This new platform will be jointly developed with parts supplier and producer Magna, which currently assembles the Jaguar I-Pace. Components and technologies from the three new executive SUVs will be used for other new Jag models with the firm’s boss telling Autocar “the new control points, the batteries, the electric motors, the software – on-board, off-board – all that is [what will] create real scale.”

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