Honda Super Cub gets tuned into a super-cool cafe racer

5 years, 5 months ago - 27 December 2018, Autoblog
Honda Super Cub gets tuned into a super-cool cafe racer
The K-Storm joins some other Super Cub and Monkey customs

The Honda Super Cub is having a banner year of sorts. After passing 100 million units made in 2017, the motorcycle has been enjoying its 60th birthday in 2018. Answering the production milestone with more production, Honda announced that it is bringing the iconic two-wheeler back to the United States market, along with the Monkey. But it hasn't only been Japan and America lauding the Super Cub. Thai tuners have been having fun with it by creating retro modern takes, including the impressive cafe racer seen here.

Everybody knows the Super Cub is a fantastic vehicle for commuting. There's no disputing that. But Thailand-based motorcycle specialist K-Speed is making a strong case that the Super Cub's best feature is its styling (hat tip to Bike Exif for the find). Early in the year, K-Speed released the "Super Power Cub," a sleek premium customization. Then it dropped the "Super Scrambler Cub," which kicked up the muffler and added knobby tires for off-pavement riding. It released a variation of the Scrambler called the "Funky Cub," which blended premium and rugged. As its last hurrah for the year, K-Speed partnered up with another Thai motorcycle parts supplier Aeropart to create one more custom: the K-Storm.

All of these works started with a Honda Super Cub 110, but as shown by the before and after photo below, nearly everything on the bike has been altered. The rear wheel was kicked back for that long, low look. It has bigger tires and what appear to be carbon fiber saucers covering the wheels. K-Speed removed the rear seat and the mud guards, and added a new exhaust system, new brakes, and new suspension. The mirrors are gone, the headlight was lowered, and it now has tilted handle bars.

Basically, all the things customizers to do a regular bike to transform it into a cafe racer, K-Speed did to the Super Cub. The dark colors scheme looks gorgeous, and the materials look extremely high quality.

These customs come at a perfect time, as they will be perfect inspiration for all the new customers here in the U.S. Now we just need to see some Monkey customs ... oh wait, K-Speed has those too.

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